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Beijing Bicycle (China/France)


Life makes me angry


Director: Wang Xiaoshuai

Cast: Cui Lin  Zhou Xun  Li Bin  Gao Yuanyuan

Footage: 113min

Year: 2001

A young man Gui from rural China struggles to make good in Beijing. He and a handful of other youngsters are hired as bicycle messengers, with their employer giving them new mountain bikes and are told that the bicycles are theirs once they've made enough trips. Gui discovers the job is not an easy one, as he deals with the complexity of the huge city. But he is determined to make good and is close to owning his bike when it's stolen. Gui's boss tells him the only way he can keep his job is if he can find the bicycle, which in a city the size of Beijing is no easy task.

 Against all odds, Gui finds the bicycle, but it's now in the hands of a student, who claims he got it at a second-hand shop and isn't about to give it up. Gui steals the bike back from the student, but now has to deal with the teenaged tough and his roughneck friends. At last he shares this bicycle with the student......


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