Chinese Version


Fish and elephant (China)


Four women's show


Director: Li Yu

Cast: Pan Yi   Shi Tou   Zhang Jilian   Zhang Qianqian

Footage: 106min

Year: 2001

Xiao Qun works at Beijing Zoo as an elephant keeper while her lover Xiao Ling runs a clothes stall in an indoor market. Their relationship comes under fire, however, with the arrival of Qun's divorced mother who, unaware that her daughter is lesbian, tries to set her up with a prospective husband. Further complicating matters is the appearance of Qun's ex-girlfriend JunJun, now wanted by the police after killing her abusive father.

 Fish and Elephant is the first feature film ever made in China about the emotional and sexual relationship between two women.


Fish and Elephant (Yu He Daxiang/ Jin Nian Xiatian)

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