Chinese Version


Men And Women (China)


Constantly changing sentiments


Director: Liu Bingjian

Cast: Yang Qing   Yu Bo   Wei Jiangang   Zhang Kang

Footage: 95min

Year: 1999

Xiao Bo, a shy young man, arrives in Beijing to look for work. He is employed by an unhappily married woman, Qing Jie, who is full of maternal instincts. Qing Jie lets him sleep in her house and tries to introduce him to her girlfriend A Meng. Soon it becomes apparent that Xiao Bo is not interested in girls. Qing Jie's husband tries to rape him one day when they are alone in the house, prompting Xiao Bo to leave and seek shelter with Chong Chong, the editor of an underground magazine devoted to graffiti collected from public toilets known to be gay cruising areas. Chong Chong is living with another man, who is jealous of the new arrival. A tender love develops between Xiao Bo and Chong Chong. In the meantime, Qing Jie has made up her mind to leave her husband and live with her girlfriend A Meng, with whom she has been having an affair.

Most of the narrative is improvisational.

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