Chinese Version


Xiao Wu (China)


Small town thief


Director: Jia Zhang Ke

Cast: Wang Hong Wei   Hao Hong Jian   Zu Baitao

Footage: 113min

Year: 1997

The entire film is interpreted by non-professional actors.

Xiao Wu lives in Fen Yang. He is a thief and pickpocket. One of his friends, a now-respectable former thief, doesn't send him a wedding invitation. Xiao Wu is insulted. He meets a girl Mei Mei at a karaoke bar. They are on the brink of a relationship and almost fall in love. Xiao Wu even has bought a finger ring for Mei Mei but she soon departs. He visits his parents in a neighboring village, encountering rejection yet again.

Xiao Wu becomes a thief again. He is arrested at last.

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