Chinese Version


Platform (China)


The new generation of 1980s


Director: Jia Zhangke

Cast: Wang Hongwei   Zhao tao   Liang Jingdong Yang Tianyi

Footage: 195min

Year: 2000

This movie begins in 1979 with the propaganda theater of a labor unit in a small village. In 1979, China is beginning to reinvent itself in the wake of the Cultural Revolution, and change is slowly but surely coming to Fenyang. As foreign culture penetrates deeper into every aspect of life, the arts troupeis forced to change with the onset of privatization. They sets off on an aimless path to find an audience and an identity. They shift from the state-sanctioned political material that had been their staple to Westernized pop music, but they find themselves in a no-man's-land, as there is little audience for either their old repertoire or their new material. The cold response and financial difficulties put an end to their euphoric existence, and their nomadic travelling life ends in 1989. 


Platform (Zhan Tai) (2002)

Platform (2001)


PLATFORM (Zhantai) (2001)

Platform  Zhantai

PLATFORM (Jia Zhang Ke, China, 2000)

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