Chinese Version


Postmen In The Mountains (China)


The sentiment between father and son on the mail route


Director: Huo Jianqi

Cast: Teng Rujun   Liu Ye

Footage: 93min

Year: 1999

A village in southern China, a father, who has been retired from his job as rural postman, prepares to hand his mail route over to his son. This will be the last time the Father will go to the mountains to deliver mails. He tells his Son to go with him. 

Both of them have a heavy heart when walking along the roads. The father recalls the days of being postman. He wants to tell so many things to his Son, but he cannot tell. Son is on his first mission, first also to go with his Father.  What shocks him is the mountain road that never seem to end. It reminds him of the vicissitudes of his father’s life, of what his mother has done in all the waiting and expecting. The meaning of life is clearer to him now. The distance between Father and Son disappear as Son takes him on his back.

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