Chinese Version


Devils On The Doorstep (China)


Why should we kill all of Japanese devils


Director: Jiang Wen

Cast: Jiang Wen   Jiang Hong-bo   Teruyuki Kagawa

Footage: 162min

Year: 2000 

Farmer Ma Dasan's routine is suddenly disrupted when two Japanese prisoners of war are dumped at his door in the middle of the night. A mysterious figure who introduces himself as "I" orders Ma to guard the prisoners for a few days until the Chinese resistance returns to pick them up. The prisoners, a fanatical Japanese soldier and his interpreter, are subjected to a chaotic interrogation by the ignorant villagers, who suddenly feel very important. However, the villagers start getting nervous when months pass and no one comes to fetch the prisoners. 

After a series of clumsy attempt to execute the prisoners, the villagers decide to give them back to the Japanese in exchange for some sacks of grain after they fail. The soldier shows his appreciation to villagers but the paranoid commander of the Japanese troops is suspicious of the unusual proposal. They celebrate a bloody get-together and kill the villagers. Fortunately Ma Dasan escapes by the skin of his teeth.

Then Japan declares surrender and Japanese arm is unarmed. But furibund Ma Dasan rushes into the camp of captives. He can't help killing several Japanese. So he is executed, hower, the deathsman is the Japanese soldier who he sets free.



Devils at the Doorstep

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