Chinese Version


Life on a String (China/UK/Germany)


Fragile like a string


Director: Chen kaige

Cast: Liu Zhongyuan   Huang Lei   Xu Qing

Footage: 110min

Year: 1991

Two blind banjo-playing musicians, a master and a disciple, wander through rural China. They express themselves through heartfelt song and the fragile banjos they carry. The older musician believes that his sight will be restored after wearing out his 1000th string. While the master regards music as a means to a higher level of wisdom, his disciple views music as a thoroughly sensual experience to be enjoyed in the present. The young musician falls for a village girl, resulting in tragedy, while the old musician reaches his final string, only to find himself in for a shock.

The result is a thought-provoking fable on the nature of art and the artist.


Life On A String: A Review

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