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Naked Lunch (Canada/UK)


Obscure and nauseating


Director: David Cronenberg

Cast: Peter Weller  Judy Davis

Footage: 117min

Year: 1991 

Bill Lee wants to write, but he exterminates bugs to pay the bills. His wife, Joan, becomes addicted to Bill's bug powder dust, and soon he joins her in a world of unorthodox hallucinogens; he visits the kindly yet sinister Dr. Benway and walks away with his first dose of the black meat — a narcotic made from the flesh of the giant aquatic Brazilian centipede. When a party trick involving a liquor glass and a gun goes awry, killing Joan, Bill flees to Interzone, a city full of talking insectoid typewriters, double agents, and plots within plots.

As beat literature aficionados know, Interzone is based on Tangiers — the city where Burroughs wrote Naked Lunch. The incident in the film in which Hank and Martin appropriate Bill's writing and have it published closely approximates the real-life circumstances of the novel's publication, although it was Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac who helped out the real-life Burroughs.


NAKED LUNCH (Lawrence Russell)

NAKED LUNCH (James Brundage)

David Cronenberg (1943 - )

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