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C'est Arrive Pres de Chez Vous (Belgium/France)

Man Bites Dog (Belgium / France)

Why kill?


Director: Remy Belvaux   Andre Bonzel   Benoit Poolevorde

Cast: Benoit Poolevorde   Remy Belvaux   Andre Bonzel

Footage: 95min

Year: 1991

This film is a faux-documetary film made by three Belgian students.

The murderer is an amiable but seriously warped mass young man, who kills all types of people. He kills for money, and he kills for pleasure. He even talks all the while about philosophy and the proper technique for weighing a corpse down underwater. The movie charts the increasingly close relationship between the killer and a film crew making a documentary about his exploits, who get implicated in his horrendous deeds. They tend to become part of the stories.