Chinese Version

Kids Return (Japan)

Return to the fold

Director: Takeshi Kitano

Cast: Mitsuko Oka   Reo Morimoto

Footage: 104min

Year: 1996 

Bumptious Masaru and his quiet sidekick Shinji spend much of their time harassing teachers and shaking down students instead of going to school. One day, Masaru is knocked down in the street. Their thrashing is so thorough that Masaru drags Shinji to a boxing gym. There they learn the ways of pugilism, but it turns out that only Shinji as gift for the sport. Actually Shinji is almost famous later. Masaru drifts away from his friend and joins a yakuza gang. He quickly rises in the ranks of the local mob, but due to his lack of experience, he too soon loses his position. 

Three years later, Shinji and Masaru meet again and return to their old school.


Kids Return

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